Install your staircase in 4 easy steps.

1 | Measuring your old staircase

Remove old stair covering and glue residue. Measure your current treads and risers accurately. Turning treads can easily be measured using our iron measuring tool 'the stair spider'. 



2 | Sawing

Mark the measured circumference on your new Maestro Steps treads and risers, cut them to size with a fine-toothed handsaw, a jigsaw or a circular saw. 





3 | Gluing

Apply glue to your old teads and press your new Maestro Steps well into the glue. Then place the riser on top of the installed tread in the same way. Work from the bottom up. 



4 | Sealing

Finish the stairs with the necessary accessories. Seal the seams with sealant or silicone. 





Discover the installation method

Maëstro steps makes use of the tread-over-tread system. The original staircase serves as the base on which the new treads are installed. Discover the full installation method here.